Objective: The objective of this independent study was on the awareness of Sleep Paralysis. This was executed in three steps. The first was creating a custom typeface that reflects what sleep paralysis is. The goal for the font is to have two different weights that show the contrast of what we’re familiar with (reality), and what we have yet to understand (sleep paralysis). The first step was excited by hand The second will look at bring this font to life into a vector format. The final step will use the font in a type specimen poster show who each weight can work together. 
Target Audience: Those who experience sleep paralysis. There is no set age demographic as anyone can experience it. “approximately 8% of people experience sleep paralysis, rising to around 28% in high-risk groups (those that have a disrupted sleep pattern) and up to 34% in those suffering from psychiatric disorders such as anxiety and depression. http://www.thesleepparalysisproject.org/about-sleep-paralysis/prevalence/ 
Concept: This project will focus on creating a typeface that tells a story of what sleep paralysis is. With two addition project to support this topic to talk about the effects of sleep paralysis well the font will take on the visual role of the experience of sleep paralysis. 
Challenges: One of the challenges of this project will be my lack of experience creating a typeface from the ground up. And covering the right tone and message of the type. Taking a mental health issue and delivering it in the visuals of a typeface and go one of two way. Amazing, or you’ve done something very wrong. One of the larger confuses is about the experience of sleep paralysis so another challenge will be presenting the same energy to the audience, more spastically to anyone who has never experienced sleep paralysis before. 
Process: The first step was to pick a topic that I could invest myself into. In this case, it was sleep paralysis. After I pick a topic a ton of research has to be done to make sure I’m delivering the correct message. From there I had to build a typeface from the ground up. Once the type is complete the next phase is to recreate it in a physical format. The physical form of this type will be a shadow puppet. It can only be viewed as a backlit light source. The type/shadow puppet will animate between the regular weight and the ‘monster’ weight. The final step in the process will be combining the project into the third. The last project will be creating a website that will act as a reference point on this mental health issue. There will be basic coding involved to launch the website and host the information. to view my full process you can read all about it on this blog here.
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