Role: My role on the team as a Graphic Design Assistant. I worked with one other GD assistant and an Art Director to bring the student press to life. The GD team would meet biweekly with the editors on the team and work together in curating the content and laying it out. As a GD Assistant, I worked on laying out the content from Arts to Features. From time to time some of my photography would be added into an issue tied to relevant stories or to enhance the appearance of an issues. In total, I worked on 8 issues of The Navigator 
Objective: Our objective is to create and release a new newspaper once a month. Over the summer of 2018, the whole newspaper was revamped and given a magazine-like appearance in size and layout. This visually gave an updated appearance to its ancestors. With such a massive redesign it was going to be jarring for our long-time audience. Which has mostly been VIU staff members. The redesign was key in helping us build our new target audience 
Target audience: Our target audience is VIU students. With a higher focus on students who are in their first year of university or have transferred in and experiencing their first semester. By focusing on these core groups of students we can build a relationship for long-time readers and submitters. 
Challenges: After the redesign was complete our biggest challenge was shifting our target audience. Though the momentum started quickly, about halfway through the year the speed at which the Navigator was flying off the shelves was slowing down. To build the momentum back up, we started launching some student contest. We also worked hard to match student artwork with student articles. We also found that photographic based work we better than drawings. In most context’s this was because it gave the reader a real-life example for a visual over an interpretation of an illustration. (it should be noted a lot of the student artwork that was submitted in a tradition medium leaned towards abstraction).
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